Call Automation and Digital Deflection

Divert calls to more cost-effective channels and reduce customer wait times through automation and digital deflection.

Call Automation and Digital Deflection

Divert calls to more cost-effective channels and reduce customer wait times through automation and digital deflection.

Delivering a poor customer experience can risk more than losing a customer.

We’ve all experienced it. We’re on hold for an hour only to be hung up on. Or, we get lost in a phone menu and wind up making 10 more calls just to get to the right place. Beyond the frustration of a now very unhappy customer, you as an organization have a host of other potential liabilities including marketing investment losses, customer retention along with infrastructure and call center service costs that can skyrocket out of control.

Live Agents Are Expensive

“Live service interactions cost more than $7 for B2C and $13 for B2B companies while do-it-yourself transactions cost pennies.”

Harvard Business Review

IVRs Are Complicated

“83% of consumers avoid a company or stop giving it business after a poor experience with an automated phone system.”

Interactions Corporation

Call Centers Are Overwhelmed

“Long wait times lead many to hang up. 90% rate an “immediate” acknowledgment as important or very important for a query raised.”


By 2022, 80% of common customer service inquiries will be deflected to virtual agents, reducing interaction costs by 70%. – Juniper

What Intelligent Digital Deflection Can Do for You


Increase in Full Voice/Text


Improvement in First
Call Resolution


Deflection to Digital

Deflect to the Best Channel at the Right Time bridges the gap between voice and digital support channels. Using AI, forms, SMS, chat or email, intelligently helps your customers get a response faster, streamlining and speeding up agent response times. Capabilities

Deflect Voice Interactions to Digital Interactions

IVRs have structural limitations and making changes to these existing systems can prove time-consuming and expensive.

In these situations, is the perfect solution. can receive calls from any IVR system, including SIP Domain transfers. Our system then fulfills them using a unique combination of voice or text conversational AI-based virtual agents, custom digital forms, and live and asynchronous chat support. Calls between customers and voice conversational agents can also be transferred back to any IVR or ACD, or dialed-out to a phone number, based on customer intent – giving you full control over the deflection experience.

Don’t have an IVR? No problem. Setting up as your conversational  IVR is easy. This means you’ll get to enjoy our end-to-end solution with all our valuable features and benefits. This includes virtual agent voice answering, or deflection to a text-based virtual agent, pre-integrated live chat and messaging software.

Deflect to Voice and Text-Based Virtual Agents

Customers often prefer self-service over waiting in line. With voice and text-based virtual agents, you can fully automate most routine customer issues – with escalation to an agent via cheaper digital channels as needed.

Build your custom voice or text-based virtual agents on our no/low code Virtual Agent Platform. Here you can define intents/entities, train multiple NLP engines, test, deploy and manage your virtual agents. Other features and benefits include the ability to view conversation history, identifying drop-off points to human agents along with supervised and unsupervised learning to continually improve the virtual agent experience.

Scale and Manage Call Deflection Dynamically

Every second counts in managing call volumes and customer happiness. allows all or a percentage of calls to be deflected to virtual agents and digital channels for live or asynchronous support. And because one size may not fit all, different kinds of calls can be deflected dynamically based on predefined business rules like current hold times or type of caller.

Capture Customer Requests Through Conversation and Digital Forms

Nobody likes to repeat themselves. Your customers are no different. provides built-in support for capturing customer requests through both virtual agent interactions and rich digital forms, allowing you to quickly collect needed information before handing off to your back office, live chat, or messaging agents.

Hand-Off to Human Agents for Live or Asynchronous Chat

If callers can’t self-service their issue using the optional voice virtual agent, you can send them a message via SMS with various options. Options can include a link allowing them to chat with a text-based virtual agent, the ability to fill out a digital form, or an option engage with a live human or asynchronous chat. If a human agent isn’t available, callers can get an email or SMS the moment one is free. The engagement can then be carried out in real-time or asynchronously through chat or email. All hand-offs from virtual agents to human agents include a full history of the customer interaction to that point.

Manage Your Deflection Experience End-to-End

With, you can define call transfer and receipt methods, personalize the customer call and deflection experience, access call and chat logs, manage virtual agents to automate conversations, and configure hand-off to your existing live chat or messaging platform. Or, hand-off to our next-generation live chat or messaging via the platform.

And thanks to our user-friendly dashboard everything is easily customizable. You can get set up and begin deflecting calls within just a few hours. customer data is protected 24/7 with enterprise-grade security.

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